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Hi, I am Mary.

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My mission is helping people with their personal finances by growing the income and controlling the expenses.

It’s so sad how many of us are struggling to tie the ends and don’t ever notice how much money is spent unwisely, on absolutely unnecessary if not dangerous gigs. On the other hand, we are not aware of easy ways to save or make money. You just need to be willing to research and stick to the right habits.

From my experience, healthy financial habits benefit your general health and are good for the environment as well, so it’s a win-win. Personally, I always managed my bank account wisely and never had any unpaid credit card balance in my life. I believe that everyone must have multiple sources of income and not to put all the eggs in the same basket. That’s why I never buy the stocks of the firm I’m working for.

On this site, you will find interesting and useful online programs that can become your additional source of income or make your life easier.  I’ll also warn you of scams or unnecessary risky and time-wasting offers that can be encountered on different social media.

It is my pleasure to share my ideas with you. You are very welcome to leave your feedback on any post.

Short Bio

I was born in Russia, Ural mountains region. As a child in a kindergarten, I already knew that I want to learn Economics. My favorite game was making fake coins from paper and managing an imaginary store.

At the age of 15, I left my mother’s house and moved alone to another country with $20 in my pocket. The self-discipline instilled in me by my parents and natural learning skills helped me through the college and graduate degree without getting into any debt.

During my college years, I worked as a waitress, cleaning lady, teaching assistant and GMAT instructor, sometimes 2-3 jobs at the same time. Living at university dormitories, buying fruits and vegetables at the closing hours of the local market, bringing my own sandwich for lunch as I couldn’t afford the food at the campus cafeteria – I found ways to manage, always knowing to spend only what I had at that tough time.

I hold Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management, MBA in Finance with Magna cum laude and Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification. You can count on my financial and risk judgment.

My professional career consists of more than 15 years of experience in executive management consulting for FX trading and hedging and about 5 years in information technology.

After spending about 20 years in the Mediterranean climate, I moved to the US with my family in 2013. Transition to English speaking working environment took several months, but soon it became clear that here almost everyone has a foreign accent and language is not really a barrier to success. My career took a new direction in Market Risk Technology with major financial firms in New York.

A bit about my personal life

Before I had kids, my hobbies were mountain biking, tennis, cycling, and fitness. I could do some type of sport 5-6 times a week.

Now I have three active munchkins, 3.5, 6 and 7y old, so my hands are full 24-7. I pack their lunches, drive them to schools every morning, help with the homework, bath and put to bed. But I still manage to go to the gym 3 times a week and read some books during my lunch break. Reading is so important, it keeps us human and gives food for thought. Finding time is never impossible, it’s all about discipline and setting priorities!

my family

Developing online business is an investment in my family’s future, that will allow us to spend more time together. It’s also my way to share my personal financial philosophy and help other people to benefit from it.


“If your way feels too easy, you are probably going down”


My name is Mary and I'm the owner of MoCash For You.

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