Is Clout Pay Legit Or Scam? My Clout Pay Review Has The Answers

Everyone would be happy to make a lot of money online without real effort. Is it possible?

This is what Clout Pay promises to its members and I see that many people believe it and share their links on social media, inviting others to join.

I’m always curious but cautious about new opportunities, so I had to check it out!

In this Clout Pay review, I’m going to share my findings and honest opinion with you. Is Clout Pay a scam or a legit way to make money from sharing links online?

Let’s find out!

First of all, let’s check the information available on the company’s website. After that, I’ll show you my own analysis and the final opinion about Clout Pay

Spoiler: there are many question marks about this business.

Note: the content of this post is my personal opinion based on the analysis of the materials on the company’s website.

CloutPay Review

What Is Clout Pay?

Clout Pay claims to be the #1 influencer network in the internet marketing industry. On their website they say that the company was founded in 2015, has 300,000 members and has paid out $44 million. Another claim is that Clout Pay was covered by Forbes and Fox News.

Reality check

I’ve found at least 3 websites related to Clout Pay:, and was created on May 23rd, 2019, followed by on May 28th.

cloutbucks domain registration domain registration was added on June 5th, 2019. domain registration

If you look at this page, the contact email is still

Nobody had ever heard about these sites before May 2019. However, you might have come across similar sites like Kids Earn Cash or that were proven as scams.

I don’t believe any company can attract 300,000 members that fast, not to mention paying 44 million dollars in such a short period. Cloutbucks even claim to be 10 years in business.

Of course, there is no mention of Cloud Pay on Forbes or Fox News.

These are red flags, in my opinion.

Who Is The Owner Of Clout Pay? Where Is It Located?

You wouldn’t be able to find any names at all on Clout Pay website. The company is “an orphan”, without owners, CEO, or any human beings behind it.

The owners clearly don’t want to be exposed. There is no address or a phone number either.
For Clout Pay, there are two mentions of location is in the Terms of Service: as “offices within the United States of America” in section 14 and as “Melbourne, Australia” in section 17. What do I know? Maybe Australia is in the US…

On Cloutbucks site, the address is 330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia 3000.

Legitimate sites are happy to tell their story, share the names and experience of the key people in the company.

Red flag again!

How Does Clout Pay Work?

The owners of Clout Pay don’t elaborate that much. On the homepage, the explanation has three simple steps: Sigh up, Share and Earn, Cash out. There is no real product developed by Clout Pay and they don’t care to give you more information about their business model or relationships with alleged partners (McDonald’s, Target, Wendy’s, etc).

Let’s try this out and see what’s inside.

Sign Up with Clout Pay

First of all, you’ll need to sign up and create an account. The only mandatory information you’ll be asked to provide is your full name and email address. Create a username and a password, accept Terms and Conditions (we’ll look at these later) and here you go!

I’ve signed up with my “spy” email account that I use for research as I wouldn’t trust this site with my personal email.

Surprisingly, I was not even requested to confirm my membership via email, which is a very common practice of double confirmation. Instead, the Dashboard just opened up, with a pop-up providing me with the referral link to share. Clearly, the only thing that matters to Clout Pay is that you bring more and more members to them.

This is how the member dashboard looks like:

clout pay dashboard

We”ll review the options on the dashboard in more details below.

How To Make Money With Clout Pay?

Let’s see how you are supposed to make money with Clout Pay, according to their promises.

Sign Up Bonus

Clout Pay credits $25 to your account immediately after you sign up. This is unheard of amount, compared to other well-known and legit “Get Paid To” (GPT) sites, like Swagbucks or InboxDollars. Normally, you won’t get more than $5 bonus for joining.

Some people might just happily accept such a gift, but my grandmother taught me that free cheese is only in the mouse trap.

Referral Income

Clout Pay offers a super generous referral program: $2 for each referral link click and $10 for each person who signs up.

This is totally uncommon with GPT sites to pay for clicks and the amount of $2 is outrageous. The normal rate for fully confirmed referral would be around $1-$3 dollars.

Just more of “free” cheese here.

YouTube Submission

Clout Pay has found an easy way to flood Google with positive testimonials. They ask members to create a video, at least one minute long, with the provided description and tags, to earn $50.

As you can see below, their tags largely target KIDS and TEENS, who don’t have enough experience to detect scams and would easily fall into a trap. I think it’s disgusting! video testimony
If you check on YouTube, you can see hundreds of videos, from cute kittens to just black screen, that have this description.

$30 Task Wall

Additional way to make money is to complete offers on the $30 Task Wall list. Here is a sample:

clout pay offers
As an affiliate marketer, I’m familiar with this type of offers, which are called CPA – cost per action.
The advertiser will pay CloutPay for every member sign up and the commission may range from $2 to $20, depends on the offer.
Take the Samsung offer as an example. See what I have found on one of the affiliate portals:

Samsung CPA offer sample
If you accept the offer and enter your information, you’ll be asked to pay a small fee, maybe $1 to participate in the competition. If you forget to cancel (and I hope it’s technically possible to cancel), you’ll be charged much larger amount every month. The publisher (Clout Pay) will receive $18 for each signup and this is one of the highest offers. How do you think they can pay members $30 for completing this offer? Unrealistic!

Another common case is when you click on an offer and are taken to endless pages with questions, trying to sign you up to various websites and mail lists. You can expect your inbox to be flooded with junk after that.

How To Get Paid By Clout Pay?

The payment options include PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin and mailed checks.

There is no minimum balance amount or other requirements specified in the FAQ section or in the Terms of service. However, when I tried to request payment with my $25 sign up bonus, I’ve got the following message:

minimum payment conditions for clout pay

Now it’s clear:
You can’t cash out without bringing at least 5 new referrals.
You can’t cash out without completing at least 5 tasks from the Wall.

This is how the system ensures it will grow and make money from the CPA offers.

The Reasons Why Clout Pay Is A Scam

There are many characteristics that can help you to evaluate if the work from home offer is legit or a scam. You can read my detailed post about it here:

Seven Ways To Avoid Work From Home Online Scams

Here are the reasons why, in my opinion, Clout Pay is a scam.

Unrealistic Rewards Model

Clout Pay promises very high payments for sign up, referrals and completing offers. This is not an economically sustainable model.

They state that money should be generated by ad-spend revenue and sponsored products. But there are no products at all to be found on the Dashboard! Only 16 tasks are available on the Wall.

I see two possible options here: either no one will be ever paid by Clout Pay or only some early members would receive their first payments to create a fake impression of a legit business.

Clout Pay Terms of Service

The main part of the earning promises comes from the affiliate/referral program. You might accumulate a big balance from referring friends. But look what the ToS says:

Terms of service of Clout Pay

Clout Pay can cancel all your income without prior notice to you. No explanations required.

And another excerpt from the ToS to bring to your attention:

terms of service

The company will not be liable for the termination of all your points or credits.

Fake Testimonials

There are some members testimonials posted on the site, like these:

Clout pay testimonials are fake

How Jayson could make $193,000, being a member for a year, when this website was only registered in May 2019? I think the creators of Claut Pay just copied this from one of their other sites from the past.

There are also several video testimonies that could be easily made by Fiverr providers for $5-$10.

Fake Payment Proofs

The pictures of payment proofs don’t look reliable and the amount of total paid was never changed from this ridiculous $44 million figure.

Payment Restrictions

You cannot cash out without recruiting new members and completing the dangerous offers.
I’m not aware of any legitimate GPT site with such restrictions.

Multiple Cloned Websites

All Clout Pay related sites look exactly the same and use the same Terms and Conditions. The same unrealistic offers are made to the members with the same payment restrictions.

The Contact Information Is Not Sufficient

Customer support can be reached by email only. Let’s say you sent several emails but your support requests are ignored.

How are you going to complain? There is no phone number, no office address.

What To Do If You Have Already Joined Clout Pay?

If you have already joined Clout Pay and provided your real personal email, you might be in serious trouble. Sites like this often sell your personal information to third parties without your permission.

Did you notice any unsolicited promotional emails in your inbox? Try to unsubscribe or block the senders. If it doesn’t help you might need to change your email address.

The worse problem might raise if you have used the same email and the same password as you use with for your PayPal account. Many people still do it, to avoid the need to remember too many different credentials. In this case, scammers can hack your account and steal your funds. Immediately change your PayPal password!

Final Thoughts – Is Clout Pay a scam?

In my opinion, Clout Pay is clearly a scam created by the same team that stood behind Cloutbucks and Kids Earn money. This is a scheme without a viable business model that will be shut down sooner or later.

I hope this CloutPay review gave you enough information about red signs and possible issues you might encounter if you join this company.

Now it’s up to you if you still want to give it a try. If not, I have some other offers for you from proven legitimate businesses.

Better Ways To Make Money Online

I totally understand why you are looking for an easy way to make some extra income online. Everyone would like to earn money from home. If you really want to get paid for completing offers and referring people, you can try Swagbucks and Inboxdollars.

However, don’t expect to be paid $30 for each offer. The rewards are much lower, but at least they are real and not a scam.

Make Money Online From Anywhere In The World

Most popular money making websites only accept members from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and other developed countries. What can the residents of other countries, like South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Zambia or UAE, do to make extra income online?

I was asked about it so many times, that I’ve started a list of legitimate websites that accept international members. In addition, I’m thinking about gigs that can be done without any dependence on location, if you have the right set of skills and internet connection.

I’m still working on the expanded list, but you can read the first version here:

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Of course, all the options on the list are available to the US residents and people from any other country.

Online Surveys

One of the easiest ways to start is online surveys sites. They are not going to make you rich but can help with some bills. Here is a detailed post with the best sites and tips on how to make the most of them. Most of these sites aim at the US audience though.

How To Earn Money With Online Survey Sites

The first two sites would never disqualify you, so you wouldn’t waste your time answering boring questions.

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If you live in the US, you can easily make money from ANY receipt with CoinOut app.
It offers additional opportunities to earn as well, like partners sign-ups, sweepstakes, trivia and more
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Want to get more financial tips from me? Sign up for my FREE email course called Financial BOO$T Camp. It will help you to get the most from your buck with many ways to save money and get control of your finances.

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