What Is Rebaid? A Scam Or Really Free Stuff From Amazon?

In the competitive world of online commerce, it gets more and more difficult to attract customers, especially for new small businesses. This is the main reason why you might see so many sellers offering free products via various channels like RebateKey, Facebook ads and more.

Many folks still think these offers are some sort of scam, as it’s hard to believe someone will give away their stuff for free, without any catch. Well, I have been doing rebate offers for more than a year now and I’m addicted! I’ve got close to $10,000 value of free products!!!

But I’m always looking for more stuff, as there are so many things you need when you have a large family (I have 3 kids) and try to save every possible dollar.

Recently, I’m seeing a lot of Rebaid.com advertisements in my Facebook feed, so I decided to check them out in more detail. I’m familiar with this site for a while, but they used to have very limited product variety. Looks like they are bringing more deals now, so it was worth taking another look.

In this Rebaid.com review, I’m going to share all my findings with you. Read on and decide for yourself whether the ability to get free items from Amazon makes life a bit brighter for you.

Spoiler: you can even MAKE some MONEY on top of getting free stuff. I’ll save it for later in the post, be patient :-).

Rebaid review

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What Is Rebaid?

Rebaid.com is a website that helps Amazon sellers launch new products or boost the sales of existing ones. The company is based in New York. According to the Linkedin information, the company’s president is Brendon Fields.

The sellers are interested to push the ranking of their products up and get them to appear on the page’s top when a customer searches for the keyword on Amazon (for example “toddlers toys”).

Amazon prefers products with a high volume of full-price sales and good reviews. To eliminate manipulations, Amazon banned paid reviews in 2016, so this is no longer a legitimate option for sellers looking to promote their products.

Rebaid doesn’t require buyers to submit a review. You only need to buy the product for its full price and get the promised rebate by check or direct deposit.

It’s very similar to the coupons you get by mail. Rebate is just a modern digital way to give a discount (sometimes of 100%) to new customers, as part of the promotion campaign.

The benefit for the sellers is derived from the registered sales volume growth. In addition, many customers who like the products would leave a review or spread a good word to their friends.

Rebaid handles the process for both sellers and buyers. Let me explain it in more detail.

How Does Rebaid Work?

First of all, let me walk you through the lifecycle of a rebate on Rebaid, so you can understand how it works.

The seller creates a listing

The seller creates a listing on the Rebaid.com platform and prepays the amount equal to expected daily rebates and the processing fee per rebate. This way the buyer is fully protected, as the money is already set aside and secured.

The amount of the rebate items released daily for each offer may vary, usually in the 2-20 range.

The buyer looks for offers

There are dozens of listings available on Rebaid.com at any hour. New items come out all the time. The most attractive offers are claimed fast, especially the ones with the full rebate.

Here is a sample from the offers with 100% rebate (the offers change every day):

Free products on Rebad.com

There are many products with lower discounts as well. Not everything is with a 100% rebate.

The buyer makes a purchase on Amazon

When you see a product you like, click on it to get more details. For example, let’s use this Infrared Thermometer I’ve bought for my kids, who need to be checked every day before school (you know, 2020 has its requirements…).

The thermometer was free as you can see – 100% rebate. The full price on Amazon was $39.99, the savings from Rebaid are $39.99, making the net cost zero before tax.

Rebaid sample free deal

Rebate details on Rebaid.com

You see in the picture that the deal was sold out and 2 more units would be available in 45 seconds. I had to wait till the deal is renewed and be quick to click on “Redeem Offer” before other customers snatch it.

Make sure you understand the rules. It’s crucial in order to make the rebate process smooth. After accepting the terms, you’ll be redirected to the product’s page on Amazon.com.

You will have 2 hours to complete the purchase and submit the order number.

Here is my order. Note that the $2.65 tax was added to the total amount (we’ll talk about tax and shipping costs later on).

Sample order with Rebaid

The buyer submits the order number

Once the purchase is completed, you should submit the order number to Rebaid.

Confirm the order on Rebaid.com

You can report issues here, like not finding the product or price mismatch. You can also cancel the redemption if you don’t like the product you saw on Amazon for any reason.

The rebate amount is deducted from the seller’s account and transferred to the buyer’s account on Rebaid.com.

The rebate is held for 5-6 weeks

The rule is that the check would be sent after 5-6 weeks. The reason is that during this period the customer can return the item and request a refund on the Amazon platform. Once the return option expires, your rebate is processed and released.

On your home page, you will be able to see the list of pre-approved purchases and how long they are going to be held. Here is my list:

List of rebates on Rebaid

I know it’s annoying to wait more than a month to get your money back, especially for the first time, when you have yet to establish full trust in the Rebaid system. I felt the same. To make it easier, start with one small purchase and see by yourself that the money will be sent in time.

If you purchase with a credit card, there should be plenty of time until the actual payment of the card balance. Having the rebate pending for about 35 days shouldn’t be a burden on your bank account.

Another option is to request a direct deposit, but it will cost you $1 per transaction and you will need to provide your bank account information. So it’s up to you – wait or pay $1. Personally, I prefer waiting.

Rebaid sends a check to the Buyer

After 5-6 weeks, Rebaid will issue and mail you a check. Here is my first check. I was so excited to receive it!

Check from Rebaid

The payment has two items, the second one is the thermometer.

First Check from Rebaid

Sorry, I had to white out my address, just in case.

Why The Sellers Give Away Their Stuff On Rebaid.com?

The first question anyone asks after hearing about Rebaid.com is “Why would someone give away their stuff for free? It must be some sort of scam”.

I totally understand the suspicion. There are so many scams online and this offer just sounds too good to be true.

The idea behind Rebaid is marketing. Every company has a marketing budget that can be spent in various creative ways – advertisements, discounts, social media campaigns, engaging celebrities (they get LOTS of free stuff).

For the new sellers who try to build a brand on Amazon, giving away several items per day is part of their marketing strategy. In return, they get a proven volume of full-price sales on Amazon, customer reviews and spreading the world to buyer’s friends.

You probably can guess that the real cost of giving a free item to you is a fraction of the listed price, as most of these products are sold with a high margin.

Don’t feel bad that you’ve got a bottle of vitamins for free. The seller didn’t pay $12 to make and ship it. But do appreciate the gift and be grateful.

What Products Can You Get For Free With Rebaid.com?

Amazon sellers use Rebate Key and Rebaid.com to help them with the launching of new products. You won’t find any big brand offers on this website. The products come from small and/or new brands that are fighting to be ranked on Amazon. This doesn’t indicate that the products are of bad quality.

Rebaid.com has several product categories to choose from: Home and Kitchen, Apparel, Toys and Games, Sports and Outdoors, Health and Beauty, Electronics, Tools and more.

The most popular category is probably food supplements (Keto diet anyone?) and vitamins. After discovering Rebate Key and Rebaid, I stopped buying vitamins from my local store. Why spend money on something I can get for free?

Are The Products On Rebaid Really Free?

Not all the offers come with a 100% rebate. It’s up to you if you want to check out products with 50%-95% discounts as well.

The sales tax is an additional caveat. It could be added to the price by Amazon, according to the tax rules in your state. The rules vary for different categories in each state. For example, New Jersey doesn’t charge sales tax on clothing, unprepared food, and medicine. Rebaid will NOT refund the tax amount, only the original price of each item.

Shipping is usually free for Amazon Prime members. If you don’t have a membership, be careful and check the shipping costs before submitting the order.

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How to get a discount on Amazon Prime

If you are not willing to pay anything at all, you can do the following check, before accepting the rebate: go to Amazon first, add the desired product to the cart and start the checkout process. You’ll see how much tax and shipping you will be charged if you complete the purchase.

Is There A Limit Of Rebates?

I know, it’s exciting to get free products from Amazon. You might want to grab as many as possible. Unfortunately, there is a limit, protecting the platform from abuse.

The monthly limit for a new user is 10 rebates. The limit will increase periodically thereafter (my current limit is 50). If you reach it, the count will be reset on the 1st of the following month.

Can I Resell The Items From Rebaid.com?

The rules are clear: you can only have one Rebaid account per household and reselling the items is strictly prohibited.

If you end up with a product you don’t use, consider donating it.

How Rebaid Makes Money?

As I explained before, Rebaid charges a processing fee per each buyer claim. This is the main income.

I think they also make some interest on the money held for 35-40 days period.

Is Rebaid A Scam?

From my personal experience, Rebaid delivers exactly what it promises. You order the items you like on Amazon and pay the full price. Rebaid pays you back via check or Direct Deposit after approximately 35-40 days. No hidden fees, no gimmicks.

The first check I received is the proof I was looking for before writing this review and it arrived in time.

I also checked the rating of Rebaid on Trust Pilot. It’s 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 234 reviews. It gives me even more confidence to work with this site.

How To Sign Up With Rebaid.com?

The signup process is quick and easy. Please be aware that the service is only available for US residents. Rebaid will send a text message to verify it.

For the signup, you need to provide your full name, email address and create a password. Later on, make sure you use your real full name and current mailing address, as they’ll be used to issue your rebate checks.

Sign up with Rebaid.com

Want to try it now? Just click this button:

Get free items from Amazon

How To Make Money With Rebaid?

I’m glad you’ve made it to this point. Here are the FOUR secret ways to MAKE money from getting free stuff:

#1 Amazon Prime Refunds

If you already have Amazon Prime account and Amazon Prime credit card, you are getting 5% cash back for all your Amazon purchases. Most of the items will also ship for free.

Other credit cards may offer some cashback as well, but usually less than 5%.

It means you’ll actually make money on all the products you buy via RebateKey that are not taxed in your state. For example, I live in New Jersey and get all food-related products without paying any sales taxes.

#2 Rebaid Affiliate Program

You can invite friends to Rebaid.com and get paid when they claim rebates. Win-win! Your unique affiliate link can be found under the “Referral Program” tab on the home page.

For each referral, you’ll be paid $10, once they complete the first offer. The payment will be available after 38 days from redemption.

#3 Submit e-receipts to CoinOut app

The CoinOut app pays for ANY e-receipt. All you have to do is forward your email receipt to their customer service. Read my detailed CoinOut review to better understand how it works.

#4 Submit e-receipts to Fetch Rewards app

The Fetch Rewards app pays for ANY grocery receipt from the US. You need to scan the receipts, the same as with CoinOut.

However, they also pay 2.5 cents for every electronic receipt and you can process all the receipts once in 7-10 days, so it requires less effort from you. The process is automated once you connect your email address. You only will need to tap on the blue button on the “Scan” screen.

Read my detailed Fetch Rewards review to better understand how it works and get my sign up code for free $2 for you.

Similar Sites Like Rebaid – Get More Free Stuff!

There are more rebate websites like Rebaid that offer similar business models.

My favorite site is RebateKey that has the same process as Rebaid and doesn’t require reviews. It’s an older site, so the selection of available items, especially with a 100% rebate, is larger. Some of the items are exactly the ones you can find on Rebaid.

You can read my full review and step by step guide for RebateKey here.

Additional ways to get free stuff from Amazon

If you want to choose what to get from Amazon without paying for it with your credit card, there are several easy ways to get free Amazon gift cards.

Cashback Websites

Start your online shopping from Rakuten(previously named Ebates) or a similar website. If you never used Rakuten before, you will get $40 bonus after completing the first qualifying purchase.

Personally, I like TopCashback (read my full TopCashback review here). The rebate rates can go high up to 20%, but usually will be in the 2% – 10% range.

Both sites allow cashing out with Amazon gift cards.

Grocery Shopping Apps

I use six receipt scanning apps, making some money from any receipt, not only grocery. All of these apps offer Amazon gift cards as a payment option.

Ibotta – probably the most popular grocery shopping app that offers digital coupons and other perks. Check out my Ibotta Review for more details.

Fetch Rewards – pays you for scanning any grocery receipt plus bonuses from participating brands. Yes, I wrote a review of Fetch Rewards as well, so you have all the information.

CoinOut – a very friendly app that pays you for ANY receipt and has various partner offers, trivia, and giveaways. You guessed right – here is my CoinOut review to make it easy.

Makeena – this is an app for healthy eaters. It offers rebates for buying organic (or actually any) fruit and vegetables. Makeena pays for any grocery receipt up to 3 times a week as well.

Personal Capital software

You actually need this great financial software to keep track of all your accounts. It’s FREE and you will get a $20 Amazon gift card just for signing up and linking eligible accounts. Win-win!

Read more details in this Personal Capital review.

Paid Survey Panels

There are many survey websites where you can share your opinions and get paid for it. It’s not a full-time job but can make you some extra money in your spare time. Amazon gift card is a popular payment option on these sites as well.

Check out these 11 best survey sites for 2020

Before you leave, I’d like to invite you to join my Financial BOO$T Camp – a free email course packed with my favorite tips that will help you to get the most of every buck: save, budget, invest and more.


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